Tune in to advertising re-imagined.

iTunes Radio and iAd offers music programming customized for users and radio advertising optimized for brands. Find your audience with iAd’s unique targeting tools and bring your creative to life with all new audio and video ad formats designed for iOS devices, Mac, PC and Apple TV.

Powered by iTunes. Exclusive to iAd.

Exclusively available through iAd, iTunes Radio allows advertisers to pinpoint audience segments by leveraging iAd’s proprietary targeting tools.

Precision ad targeting is key not only to the success of your campaign, but also to the experience of our users. Somewhere within our nearly 600 million iTunes accounts is the exact group of people you want to reach. You can use our audience insights to understand what they care about so that your message will resonate. Our targeting is built upon a foundation of validated registration and media consumption data that's exclusive to iAd. Whether you need specialized insights around their lifestyle, purchase habits, or want to reach your own customers, we’ve got you covered.

Tap into something new.

iTunes Radio is available on all devices running iOS7 in the U.S., allowing you to reach millions of passionate Apple users from day one. Offering in-line video, pre-buffered audio, interactive display, and exceptionally accurate targeting, iAd brings the best of advertising to iTunes Radio.

Bring your creative to life on the big screen.

iTunes Radio is designed to create a unified experience for users, whether they’re on their iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, PC or Apple TV. Showcase your best spots, hottest trailers, and most entertaining content with in-line video playing within iTunes Radio on Apple TV.

Work it at work.

For the first time ever, iAd will offer access to people using iTunes on Mac and PC. With iTunes Radio, you’ll be able to speak directly to your audience about products they care about — even when they’re on their computers. Featuring unique ad formats to fit the needs of any brand, iTunes Radio’s desktop interface offers a rich canvas to tell your brand’s story.

Music you'll love at first listen.

iAd lets your brand become a part of the iTunes Radio listening and music discovery experience. When users tune into iTunes Radio, they’ll hear the artists and genres they love, while discovering new music they’ll soon adore. Advertisers can reach listeners as they explore a deep catalog of classics and old favorites in addition to thousands of new songs every week. Be part of the buzz around never-before-heard music released first on iTunes Radio. Tune in to users’ precise interests as they customize their musical experience by building stations around their favorite artists, songs and genres.