Powerful audience. Inspiring experience. Zero compromise.

With iAd, you can get your message out to the millions of people worldwide who use Apple products every day. Connect with users as they listen to music on iTunes Radio or while they use their favorite apps on our App Network. Find your audience using targeting tools built upon a foundation of registration and media consumption data that's exclusive to iAd. Bring your creative to life with exclusive features like Web GL with 3D motion graphics, Passbook and iTunes rewards. Invite your audience to watch your videos, explore your products, and even make purchases without taking them away from the app they were using.

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Turn it up with iTunes Radio.

Speak to millions of iTunes Radio listeners with iAd — on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, and Apple TV — as they tune in to radio re-imagined.

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Tap in to the App Network

With iAd, you can reach people in their favorite iOS apps, with beautiful creative and exceptional targeting that sets you up to deliver the right message to the right person, at just the right time.

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Make magic in minutes.

Now even a team of one can harness the power of an entire creative agency with a single laptop. iAd Producer manages the HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript so you can forget about the code and focus on making inspiring creative in minutes.

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Do-it-yourself campaign creation and management.

Reach millions of people across the Apple ecosystem with iAd Workbench — the tool for developers and brands to promote their apps and products anywhere on the App Network.

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Make easy money, easier.

If you’re a developer looking to increase the revenue from your app, iAd can help. Join iAd’s App Network and earn 70 percent of the net revenue generated by adding just a few lines of code.

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Respect. Guaranteed.

Apple respects the privacy of our customers and the security of their information. Because of this, iAd allows users to control their own ad preferences so that their experience is on their own terms. Moreover, since we’re committed to fairness and reliability for both our advertisers and their customers, we’ve taken great care to ensure the validity and reliability of our campaign and audience measurement. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Media Ratings Council — a non-profit association dedicated to ensuring valid and reliable campaign measurement — to become the first mobile media platform accredited across a broad range of metrics.