Right People. Right App. Right Now.

On average, iOS users spend 87% of their time on connected devices using apps.* That’s why we created the App Network: to connect brands with our users where they are most engaged. With over 150,000 manually screened apps participating in the App Network, you’ll reach users in the right environment for your brand. Our targeting, powered by iTunes and not available anywhere else, ensures you’ll reach the right people at just the right time.
* “The Cross-Platform Report” Nielsen, June 2013

It's good to be choosy.

We know how important the right environment is for effective advertising. That’s why every app in iAd’s App Network is manually screened, scored for age-appropriate material, and tagged by content type — all so that you can choose the context that’s best for your brand. It’s scale without compromise.

Precision ad targeting is key not only to the success of your campaign, but also to the experience of our users. Somewhere within our nearly 600 million iTunes accounts is the exact group of people you want to reach. You can use our audience insights to understand what they care about so that your message will resonate. Our targeting is built upon a foundation of registration and media consumption data that's exclusive to iAd. Whether you need specialized insights around their lifestyle, purchase habits, or want to reach your own customers, we’ve got you covered.

One ad. Thousands of apps.

iAd is built into iOS and for Apple devices, so you can incorporate hardware and software features to deliver an inspiring storytelling experience that will be rooted in consumer insight and consistent across thousands of apps and all iOS devices. So go ahead, shake things up a little.

Make Moments Matter

With iAd, your ads can be funny, emotional, thought-provoking, or dramatic — immersing our users in your brand experience without the need to leave their app. Whether your objective is deep engagement or a smooth, simple path to transaction, iAd delivers.

Beyond the trailer.

Nothing excites movie-goers quite like a sneak peek. Disney used iAd to share pre-release footage, character bios and more. With one-tap access to exclusive content and links to purchase tickets, Disney made it simple for audiences to find their way to the silver screen. Popcorn, anyone?

Shop smart. Shop local.

Macy's wanted to give their customers a unique holiday experience, so they used Maps to lead shoppers to their nearest location. Driving in-store traffic with a single tap — now that's spending wisely.