iAd Producer. Create beautiful ads easily.

Make ads richer - and your job simpler with iAd Producer. Swipe, pinch and spin your vision into life with easy-to-execute animations and effects. Get started with iAd Blueprints, a set of templates based on best practices that bring the structure of your ad together. When you’re ready, take your ad for a test drive with iAd Producer’s on-device Preview ensuring flawless implementation. Creativity has never been this painless.

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Start with a clean slate. Powerful tools at your fingertips.

You can find all the visual tools you need to create vibrant, engaging rich media ads on iAd Producer’s home screen. From the moment you open iAd Producer, you’ll be surprised by how simple it is to use. Drag and drop objects into your workspace, bring in your own assets and start assembling your ad. iAd Producer makes sure that you have everything you need from the start so that you can focus on what’s important: making the best ads.

Pre-built foundation. Build from the right Blueprints.

Get a head start on your ad by choosing from hundreds of iAd Blueprints built right into iAd Producer. Each Blueprint is based on best practices from thousands of ads designed by the world's biggest marketers and built by Apple to help you achieve results through clear calls‑to‑action and built in analytics. Choose an iAd Blueprint optimized for iPhone or iPad and then select the features you’re looking for. Drag and drop your assets into the home screen, and you’re up and running.

Creative that moves. Animate with ease.

Bring your ads to life with iAd Producer’s broad selection of page transitions and object animations. iAd Producer includes everything you need to add a little motion to your creative: wipes, fades, spinning effects, cube transitions and much more. You can even create sophisticated effects by adding and removing CSS classes, and animating object properties such as position, opacity, image mask, size, color, and shadow.

Simple interactions. Buttons at the push of a button.

Building motion-rich, interactive objects into your ad is simple with iAd Producer. The Objects Pane provides easy access to pre-built and common interface objects and elements like buttons, sliders, switches, and more complex objects such as Cover Flow, Carousel, Stack, Drawing, and Panorama — all without having to write a line of code.

Everything in its place. Eliminate your busywork with the asset library.

iAd Producer manages all of your visual assets in a convenient asset library, easily accessible from the home screen. Your images, movies and SVG and OpenType fonts can all be part of your work. You can search all the assets in your project by name, or filter the list for specific file names, locations or types. Instead of spending your time creating assets for different devices and network speeds, iAd Producer manages all necessary versioning for you so that you can focus on building the best possible experience for your users.

Make the complex simple. Layers upon layers.

With the layer list, iAd Producer gives you quick access to all of the layers on your page, allowing you to enable and disable any of them with a click. Managing complex projects with dozens of layers is a snap, and you can even search for layers by name.

Advance to the next level. More control. More customization.

Simulator — On Your Mac or iOS Device

Fine tune your iAd project using the Simulator built into iAd Producer. Through the entire process of building your ad you can simulate it running from right inside iAd Producer, or see how it runs over the network on your target devices using the separate iAd Tester* iOS application. *Restrictions apply. iAd customers only.

Advanced JavaScript Editing

For advanced developers, iAd Producer provides a powerful JavaScript editor with auto-completion, syntax coloring, and auto-indent. In addition, the editor provides quick access to all of the JavaScript source files in your project, as well as all available functions and events in your page or component.

Project Validation

iAd Producer checks your work to identify common errors and helps ensure that your ad is ready for prime time before you submit it to iAd. iAd Producer automatically checks the size and type of image assets, and that pages and components are configured correctly.


iAd Producer provides JavaScript "minification" and concatenation to help optimize the files sent over the Internet as a part of your ad content.

JavaScript Debugging

JavaScript debugging in iAd Producer is fast and powerful, letting you set breakpoints within your JavaScript code with a click, step through your code a line at a time and even interactively evaluate JavaScript expressions. At all times you have convenient access to the JavaScript call stack and run log, giving you serious debugging power. Powerful web optimization tools show you load times for ad assets, helping you fine tune your iAd content.

Start bringing your ads to life with iAd Producer.

Download iAd Producer for Mac